Fundraise for chILD

Thank you for your interest in fundraising for chILD. We cannot thank you enough for your support. It is greatly appreciated and your help makes such a difference towards raising funds and/or awareness for chILD.

If you are stuck for ideas, please check our A – Z of Fundraising list or alternatively the JustGiving Fundraising ideas page

Top tips for Fundraising:

Start early with your planning and tell your friends and family about what you are planing to do. Maybe they can support you, cheer you on or even celebrate with you after the event?!
These sites are great to create online sponsorship accounts. Pages are east to create and once you have, just send out the link to family and friends. We also have good old fashioned sponsorship forms. You can download them from a link below.
Asking people for donations can be pretty daunting but the worst that a person can say is “No”. A personal touch is always best or a friendly email. Most importantly, please tell them ‘why’ you are fundraising for chILD. Share any information you have about chILD or also you could even direct potential sponsors to our website to check out what we do.
However you collect your money, ask UK taxpayers to tick the Gift Aid box on your Justgiving page, Virgin money Giving page or sponsorship form. That means we’ll receive 28p extra from the government for every pound given – that is a huge bonus for our work!
Advertise in your workplace or school, local church or community centre, don’t be afraid to advertise your event. If you are feeling particularly confident then you could contact your local newspaper and ask them to do a little article on your event. Even if there is no intake for sponsors, you are still spreading the word of chILD. Every little bit helps!
Does your employer have a matched giving scheme? A lot of employers do so it doesn’t hurt to ask. Doubling your sponsors would make a massive difference to what you raise.
Most importantly we want to see what you have done! Photos are also a great way of getting press coverage after your event as your story may inspire others to make a difference too.
If you want us to send you any materials or help promote the event across our community, we are very happy to do this. We have a selection of tee’s, running tops and vests, leaflets and merchandise to help you.

Click here to download our ChILD sponsor form

Click here to download ChILD leaflet

Click here to download an ChILD Poster (Template)

We would love to hear about your fundraising activities. Don’t forget to take photos of what you do and send them into us at so we can celebrate your success by sharing them on our website or on our Facebook page.