Hope’s Story

Hope was born on 16/092008 and was a very healthy baby.  At 4 months old she contracted a seemingly common respiratory virus.  Following a 3 week stay in hospital we where told  the virus had caused  long term damage to her lungs and were sent home on long term oxygen therapy.  This virus had gone onto narrow and thicken her small airways meaning oxygen could not pass freely to her airways and a few months later she was diagnosed as having Bronchiolitis Obliterans.  Hope remained on 24/7 oxygen until summer 2010 when she then only required it at night.  She remains on 0.25L of  sleeptime oxygen.

We always made sure that Hope kept fit and healthy and did everything in our power to increase her lung function.  Hope started dance classes with her sisters at age 3 and went on to take part and compete in freestyle disco dance.  This is an extremely energetic form of dance and she has won many titles and competitions.

In 2014 Hope was attending a recreational gymnastics class when her coach felt she had real potential.  Her coach asked her to attend a trial for Scotland’s most elite Gymnastics club where she was successful in being selected.  Hope now trains 3 times a week and is an amazing little gymnast.  She is a very spirited little girl who knows what she wants and doesn’t let anything get in her way.  She goes to school and very rarely has any time off due to illness.