Ruby Mae’s Story

At 22months Ruby-Mae became ill suddenly. She developed a wheeze and a grunt, stopped eating and drinking and become lethargic.

We took her to our doctor who suggested getting her checked out, incase she had a chest infection.

We took her to hospital, within minutes of arriving the team hit an alarm and started working on her. She was seen quickly and we were later told her oxygen levels were in the low 80s and they were very worried about her. She was then admitted to HDU. She was in hospital for most of that year. She had a bacterial infection, rotavirus, pneumonia and they think adenovirus, although they never tested for it.

In the August 2010 we visited Oxford where a doctor told us at a guess he thought she had something called Bronchiolitis Obliterans, he didn’t want to do a CT scan at that point due to the radiation risks, esp since shed been having weekly x rays at our local hospital.

She carried on, in and out of hospital for the rest of that year. So it was agreed at the end of 2010 to do the CT scan early 2011.

She had the CT scan in Feb 2011 which revealed Bronchiolitis obliterans and bronchiectasis.

Since then shes had one episode in hospital, although many day trips, she has physio daily but is oxygen free 🙂